Artist Shows Funny Side Of Family Life — Warts & All!

The joy surrounding the birth of a child is immeasurable. While new parents may struggle to imagine what a life with kids will have in store for them, it truly is love at first sight when the new arrival makes its first appearance. The unconditional love factor is also much needed — as wonderful as the pregnancy, birth and first moments together can be, parents will be faced with various stresses and strains they could have hardly prepared for!

French mom and artist Nathalie Jomard has a special talent for bringing these trials and tribulations to life in her fantastic drawings. So the next time your little one erupts into a fit of screaming at 2 in the morning, you might want to take a look through the following selection for some much needed light relief!

1. The smallest person needs the most space, right? Parents can make do with just a few inches.


2. The child is dressed – today's first victory!

3. Alone in the bathroom? That's a luxury from days of yore.

4. How can something so cute make a smell that bad?

5. It's got to fit, it always has done!

6. A child's curiosity knows no bounds...

7. Keeping a healthy work-life balance takes real strength.

8. You can't have enough sun protection!

9. Take a look on the bright side — at least they love you no matter what state you're in!

10. Bombs away!

11. Breastfeeding while the first teeth are coming through wakes the piranha in you baby.

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12. A little moment of intimacy is not too much to ask, surely?

13. Junior has the most imaginative reasons for refusing to eat his greens!

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14. Shopping has never been so fun...

15. The pile of clothes to iron never seems to de-crease.

16. Some men have a remarkable talent where a baby's crying has the same effect as a dog whistle — they don't hear a thing while mom jumps 2 feet into the air.

17. Make sure to get decent insurance!


Yep, those little critters really can put you through the wringer at times! But do you have any regrets? Of course not! That cheeky grin on their cute little faces more than makes up for hours of temper tantrums.


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