Second life: 20 ways to rejuvenate your jeans

Every time you open your closet, do you look wistfully at what used to be your favorite pair of jeans? You would so love to wear them again but they've faded, you don't like the length anymore or they seem somehow boring?

We'll show you 20 creative ways to give your jeans a new look. You can do it yourself and the end result is great.


1. Painted lace pattern

With Sharpies and lace cloth you can quite easily give your light-colored jeans an elegant appearance. The lace cloth functions here as your stencil. Color with the Sharpies through the cloth directly on to the denim to create a fine pattern.


2. Studs

For this creation, you only need hot glue, pliers and studs, and you'll be on the right track. This look doesn't have to be edgy either — gold studs on the turn-ups can create an elegant effect.


3. Animal print with bleach

The most important parts of this trick are bleach and a paintbrush. Of course, you don't have to choose an animal-related pattern, but leopard print is already a classic.


4. Pearls

For this, it's best to have craft glue and a needle and thread laid out ready. Depending on your preference, you can opt for one-color elegance with a pattern of white pearls or go for something playful with multicolored beads.


5. Kissing lips

Although you love your jeans so much that you would like to kiss them from top to bottom, there is an alternative. You can simply buy an appropriate rubber stamp. Incidentally, this works particularly well on white fabric, as these instructions show.


6. Geometric shapes

This is probably the most conventional way to alter your pants — with fabric paint. Bright geometric patterns are especially eye-catching.


7. Fringed jeans

For this method, you should first shorten your jeans, so that the fringe trim that you would like to sew on ends around your ankles. With this style, you will also draw more attention to your shoes.


8. The spattered look

The process for this is a lot of fun, because you don't need to be particularly skilled and at the same time you can let your inner child run wild, and spatter your jeans with paint to your heart's content.


9. Polka dots

Above all, this style gives off a playful vibe. There are various methods, according to the size of the dots that you would like to have. If you prefer smaller ones, besides the color, a pencil with an eraser attached and a ruler are your most important tools.


10. Painting with a stencil

This kind of decoration is particularly suitable for beginners, because you don't have to do anything beyond paint the stencil of your choice with any color. With white hearts, it's very difficult to make a mistake.


11. Painting without a stencil

This is for professional artists — or anyone who wants to become one. With an inspiring idea like this cherry blossom design, you can produce something really wonderful.


12. Pom pom fringes

When you want to catch your pants up to the new trend, you can simply do that by sewing on a pom pom fringe, for example on the pockets, along the seam or on the hem.


13. Patchwork

This is probably the most traditional method of all  — either for doing up your old jeans or repairing them. But you can definitely make it look more fashionable than in your grandma's time.


14. Sewing

It might not seem the most creative of ideas, but a little bit of embroidery on your jeans with a needle and thread can work wonders. A bit of cross stitch on the pockets or on the seam is just the thing.


15. Tie-dye techniques

Tie-dyeing has been associated with hippies since forever. You can do all sorts of things with it — and above all, make your wardrobe that bit more colorful!


16. The ripped look

A classic when it comes to customizing your jeans — the slashed or ripped look. Instead of forking out to buy new jeans that already look this, you can just grab the scissors and follow these simple instructions.


17. Aztec patterns with bleach

The best thing about this method is that it really doesn't look like you did it with your own two hands. Although patterns like this look too difficult for you to do yourself, it's really not true!


18. Sketching with a bleach pen

This trick is great for modifying dark blue jeans — and for letting your imagination have free reign when it comes to the patterns. On top this, you don't need anything except jeans, a bleach pen, and paper, to lay under the fabric while sketching.


19. The ombre effect

This style is borrowed from hair dyeing techniques. The attractive dark-fading-to-light effect is the same. This method describes the process for dyeing synthetic pants using a dye that you have to heat in a pan. Normal denim fabrics are easier to color.


20. Galaxy style

This method for reviving old black jeans should win awards for its creativity. With acrylic paints, bleach and a toothbrush, you'll never need to travel to outer space to see the stars because they'll be right there on your pants. Amazing!


And it just so happens that many of these methods can be combined: why not make your own picture out of pearls? Or mix pearls with studs? There are so many ways to create your own style — and almost for nothing. Now all you need is 20 pairs of jeans to embellish — maybe more!




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