Two simple methods for removing odors from clothes

Odors and sweat patches on clothes are common enemies that we're forced to fight daily. Yet there are a number of solutions to this problem, which is actually nothing more than a natural bodily function and is completely healthy. Sweating regulates your body temperature and removes toxins from our skin, so it's certainly nothing evil. 


As we've already seen, there are several effective natural deodorants you could consider. Those of you who use aluminum-based deodorants may find yellow stains on your clothes around the armpit area. But before doing anything else, you probably should stop using harmful cosmetic products containing aluminum and find a more natural alternative. 

Those of you who sweat heavily may find that odors persist on clothing, even after washing. It's quite the task to get rid of them! But why do our clothes retain these odors? Well, sweat particles easily penetrate synthetic fibers and the bacteria giving off these bad odors are happy to keep feeding there. 


But before you throw away any clothes made of these materials for fearing of "smelling bad," you should first try the following tricks: 

1. The trusty combination of baking soda and vinegar 


Baking soda is an alkaline with a porous structure that can absorb unpleasant odors.

Before washing, wet the sweat patches using warm water and add a generous helping of sodium bicarbonate. Leave it to sit for one hour, or preferably overnight. Then rinse it quickly by hand. Now dip the clothes in a tub filled with cold water and white vinegar. Leave it to sit again for one hour or overnight. 

Put the clothes in the washing machine.

After washing, let the clothes dry outside in the sun.
Don't tumble dry the clothes! 


2. The gentle method: Marseille soap and lemon 


For fragile clothing (made of silk, wool or natural fibers), you should try this method: rub a bar of Marseille soap on the sweat patches until it forms a pasty crust. Then squeeze drops of lemon on the area to create an emulsion. Now put the clothes in the washing machine. 


So now you can wear what you like without worrying about any sweaty smells or stains, and in the summer heat that's a big plus. One thing's for sure – these clever tricks won't be leaving a bad stench in the air!


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