Turn A Jam Jar Into A Cozy Scented Oil Lamp

Proper light — most importantly, warm light — is essential for that homey feeling of wellbeing. These days we're exposed to a lot of artificial lighting, whether at work, public transportation, shopping at the supermarket... All too often it's cold light from fluorescent tubes. At the very least, we should be able to do it right at home so we get a little dose of cozy warm lighting. This oil lamp, which you can make easily, is the perfect solution. And not only that: the lamp provides wonderful light but it also emits a lovely, comforting aroma. 

You'll Need:

  • screw top jar
  • threaded tube or hollow bolt and two fitted nuts (see pictures below)
  • strip of cotton fabric (for example from an old T-shirt)
  • drill with drill bit (0.4 inch but also depends on the size of your tube)
  • vegetable oil (low-aroma oils are best, like canola, safflower, sunflower, or corn oil)
  • your choice of scent (rose petals, thyme leaves, orange peel, fir branch)

Here's How:

1. Screw the lid on tight and bore a hole right into the middle of the lid.

2. Then take off the lid and poke the tube through, so that about 1/2 an inch is left outside. Screw the nuts on tight both inside and out. 

3. Now thread the strip of cotton once through the tube, twisting it thinly at one end so that it fits. It can help to attach a bobby pin or slender safety pin to the end of the cotton, so you have something to push it through the tube with.

4. Once you get the cotton through, pull out just 1/2 an inch or so of fabric, on the outer side of the lid.

5. Now it's time to fill your jars: you can choose the floral option and use rose petals, for example.

6. Or you can make a seasonal holiday option with orange peel, thyme, and fir twig. Just the way you like it!

7. Stuff the long end of the cotton strip into the glass onto your scent source.

8. Fill the jar up to just below the brim with oil.

9. Now just twist the lid on carefully and let the whole thing sit for half an hour.

10. Your scented oil lamp is ready to be lit!

Here's a video to show you the whole process:

This lamp provides such a pleasant light and aroma. Plus it makes a wonderful present, since receiving a gift from someone who went to the trouble of making it especially for that person, is double the delight!


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