Genius Packing Hack To Save Space In Your Carry-On

Packing can sometimes be the most stressful part of traveling because it can be so hard to do in an organized fashion. With this little trick, you can pack all you need for an overnight stay in a nice and neat bundle.

1. Prepare your clothes by setting them out.

2. Unfold your t-shirt and spread it out completely.

3. Place your shorts at the top near the collar of the t-shirt.

4. Fold in the sleeves of the t-shirt toward the center.

5. Place two socks at the top of the t-shirt with the openings of the socks facing outward.

6. Roll up the t-shirt.

7. Roll up the socks over the shirt and you're done!



Those who enjoy traveling will love this trick. Never was a bag so organized!

Posted by Cleverly on Mittwoch, 6. April 2016


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