Wooden Pallet Christmas Tree

On cold, dark December days, the bright and flashing lights from decorations in people's windows and gardens is the main thing that awakens the Christmas spirit in us. To show your neighbors that you can hardly wait until Christmas comes, this DIY craft is the way to go!

You'll Need:

  • pallet
  • saw
  • handheld jigsaw
  • masking tape
  • red, green, and gold spray paint
  • plywood
  • wood glue
  • hammer and nails
  • fairy lights

Here's How:

  1. Saw the palette roughly into an isosceles triangle and sand down any splinters on the edges.
  2. Starting with the lowest cross piece of the pallet, cover every second plank with masking tape. Then spray paint the exposed wood with the red spray paint. It's best you place some paper or something underneath the pallet for this.
  3. Once everything is dry, pull the masking tape off and then cover the areas that were previously painted with tape. Now spray the unpainted wood green. Of course, you can paint your tree however you like: bright white, for example, sparkling silver or shining gold.
  4. Draw a star on the plywood and cut it out with the jigsaw. Next, spray it gold, before sticking it in place at the top of your tree with the wood glue.
  5. Hammer some nails in at both ends of the green panels, as well as under the star. Attach the end of the fairy lights under the star and wind them from nail to nail over the Christmas tree.

Stand your pallet Christmas tree in your garden, for example, to show your neighbours that Christmas is approaching. And instead of a Christmas Tree, you could always make a snowman instead!


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