20 tricks that make life easier for all parents

As the old saying goes: "It's easy to become a father, but being one is harder." Though it's all worth it in the end, parents sometimes have to endure stressful and trying times with their little ones.  That's why we've come up with the following 20 ideas that will keep your children occupied and make your lives as parents a little easier in the daily routine.

1. To prevent toothbrushes from falling over and potentially ending up on the floor, use clothespins to stand them upright.

2. Attach a roll of wrapping paper to the wall so that your kid has a canvas to draw on. When done, they can then rip off their masterpiece.

3. You can keep modeling clay containers in a coffee capsule rack.


4. Putting a cupcake holder on the end of the stick catches any melting popsicle or ice cream.

5. So that you've always got a bib handy, hang it up on a hook that you've attached to the back of the highchair.


6. Exhausted children can rest in the shopping cart on a packet of kitchen roll.

7. If your child enjoys painting (and getting it everywhere), simply cover their t-shirt in plastic cling wrap – this should keep their clothes nice and clean.


8. Any loose dolls' eyes can be fixed up using some superglue.

9. So that your child knows which shoe is the left and which one's the right, place a fun sticker that's been cut in half inside the shoes.


10. You can use Scotch tape to create roads for your kids' toy cars.

11. Large cardboard packaging, from your last move for example, can transform the stairs into a slide.

12. You can use a rectangular Tupperware container to make bricks out of snow.

13. Use a hanging shoe organizer to store Lego blocks in a orderly fashion.


14. Attach clothes hooks just above the baseboard to hang your shoes.

15. You can attach a pool noodle to your doors to stop them from slamming and avoid your children getting their fingers trapped.


16. A frozen sponge in a zipper bag is an inexpensive alternative to a cool bag. It's also not so much of an issue if the sponge gets lost.

17. Cakes that have been cut into — e.g. after a child's party — stay fresh for longer if you cover the areas where the cuts were made with toasting bread.


18. Wrap Scotch tape around your hand with the sticky side facing outward to pick up any small bits and pieces off from the floor, such as glitter or sequins.

19. You can clean any plastic toys in the dishwasher so that they stay clean and germ-free.


20. Stick a piece of Scotch tape on the loudspeaker on any toys to reduce the sound.

While some of the tricks may seem a little unusual at first glance, they could prove to be very useful when the time is right! However, hacks like #20 will help save your nerves when the noise (and stress) levels begin to rise.


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