DIY Personalized Photograph Candle

If you're looking for the perfect homemade present, this could be just the thing! In a few simple steps, you can turn a normal candle into something truly special. There's no better way to show that special someone how much you care.

You'll Need:

  • candle
  • tissue paper
  • printing paper
  • printer
  • scissors
  • tape
  • wax paper
  • hairdryer or hot air gun

Here's How:

1. Trim a piece of tissue paper so that it's a little smaller than a piece of printer paper.

2. Then tape the tissue paper with the shiny side down, onto the printer paper.

3. Place the prepared page into the printer so that it will print onto the tissue side. Choose the picture you want on your candle and print it out.

4. Now cut out the picture, leaving a very small margin around it. The photo is on the very light tissue paper.

5. Place the photo across the middle of the candle and, over it, a sheet of wax paper. Make sure there aren't any air bubbles under the paper.

6. Turn on your hairdryer or hot air gun and point it at the area of the photo. The uppermost layer of candle wax will start melting together with the tissue paper. If the picture gets darker, you're on the right track.

7. As soon as the picture has a consistent coloration, slowly pull off the wax paper. Leave the candle to set for half an hour.

And your masterpiece is ready! 

Watch the whole procedure here:

And here are a few more inspirational pics:


Finally, a gift with a truly personal touch. None of this boring stuff for us — perfume, socks, gift certificates. Family and friends will love the personalized souvenir — and it's a great one to do with kids. Try it out!


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