He cuts the sheet and puts it on his phone. What happens next is breathtaking.

You've seen them in countless sci-fi movies: holograms. They are symbolic of the distant future in which technology rules the world and reality and virtuality have blent together. This future, however, is not at all that distant. Nowadays anyone who wants can create holograms. All you need is a plastic sheet and a smartphone. It's so easy and looks totally awesome.

Trace out a trapezoid on graph paper with dimensions above.

Use the trapezoid to cut out four identical trapezoids from a plastic sheet

Tape the plastic shapes together as shown below.

Place the plastic piece over your phone and play a hologram video from the Internet.

I don't really know how it works but that doesn't make it any less fascinating. You just have to play this VIDEO and place the sheet on your phone. So far, I've blown away everyone with this absolutely jaw-dropping trick.

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