Transform A Boring Table Into An Amazing Photo Collage

Usually we hang our favorite photographs on the wall, but that's not the only place where they'll look good. A brilliant place to display some of your best memories is on a coffee table with a homemade tabletop!

You'll Need:

Here's How:

1. Possibly the hardest but most fun part is the beginning. Arrange the photographs on the table the way you want them, so that the whole table surface is covered. 

2. When you're happy with the result, cut the edges of the photos wherever they come off the table so that the pictures have exactly the same shape as the tabletop.

3. Now lift each picture and apply the glue sealer onto the table under it. Carefully put each photo back in position. Then paint over the picture with the Mod Podge. When you're finished, leave them to dry for at least four hours before taking the next step.

4. Now that the glue is dry, lay newspaper all over the floor under the table. Mix the casting resin according to the manufacturer's instructions and pour the whole amount onto the middle of the table. With the surfacer, gently scrape the resin all the way to all four edges of the table. If some drips off, carefully scrub it off the sides of the tabletop. The newspaper will catch anything that drips onto the floor.

5. After 24 hours, your photos will have a handsome polished layer over them that will protect them from tearing, stains, and other ravages of time.

If you want something even glossier, add glitter to the resin. And of course, the images don't have to be photographs. Whatever designs you love, whether a postcard, map, or artwork, will add a unique flair to what used to be just a regular coffee table! 


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