Keep your spare plastic bags tidy, out of sight, yet easily available

If you're a normal shopper then you probably get loads of plastic bags. And if you're a responsible citizen you probably try not to just throw them away. And that means... you have loads of them stashed away somewhere waiting until the one day a year that you remember to take them to recycling.

Well, it's time for a good solution to this mess! Here's a perfect, easy trick to keep plastic bags orderly — and available for when you actually need to reuse them:

First you'll need an empty tissue box.

If you have a fun, nicely-decorated one, all the better.

Roll up your first bag, tuck it into the box, but pull the bag handles back out. 

 Now thread the next bag through those handles and roll it up. Tuck both bags in, pulling the handles of the second bag back out. Repeat the process with all the bags until you're done! 

 At the end, you'll have a fun, and very orderly, place to store your plastic bags.

Watch the whole process in the video below:

After shopping the plastic bags just pile up. But with this clever trick, you’ll finally gain control of the situation.

Posted by Cleverly on Donnerstag, 7. April 2016

Such a nifty way to tidy up some of the clutter — and all you need is five minutes. Recycle your tissue box and reuse your plastic bags — the environment will say thank you and your previously chaotic drawer will be delighted too.


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