10 Things You Should Do On Sundays For A Productive Week

After returning home from a long day at work, it can be difficult to find the time (and motivation) to tie up all those loose ends. That makes it all the more important to use Sundays to prepare for the week ahead, so you can keep stress levels in check during particularly busy working days. Not convinced? Give the following 8 ideas try — we promise they'll make your life that little bit easier!

1. Clear Out The Fridge


That opened yogurt from last week is still in the fridge, even though you know that it's no longer good. This is a habit you need change! Perform a thorough check of your fridge every Sunday to see what needs to be thrown out. Maybe you can rustle up a delicious meal with all those leftovers too?

2. Plan The Weekly Shop


Now that you have space for fresh food, it's time to go shopping. Make a meal plan for the coming week and write a shopping list containing the ingredients you need. Going to the grocery store at the beginning of the week means you'll save time by getting everything you need in one hit. This will also save some cash, as you'll only buy what you really need.

3. Meal Prepping

Have you heard of this trend? Meal prepping is becoming increasingly popular with working people, who use their free time on Sundays to prepare food for the upcoming week. This should also stop you from buying unhealthy fast food during your lunch break, saving you even more money.

4. Planning Your Outfits


Using Sundays to get all of your outfits ready for the working week will save you a lot of time and stress in the mornings. Since you know what you'll be wearing, you can use the time saved to sleep longer or enjoy a more relaxing breakfast.

5. Preparing Breakfast


If you're the type who likes a lie-in on Monday mornings, you should think about preparing your breakfast the evening before. As there's no time pressure on the Sunday, you can also make something that you usually wouldn't. How about some healthy muffins or overnight oats? Now isn't that a better way to start the working week!

6. Sort Out Your Wardrobe


Yep, it's now time to sort out the mountains of clothes in your wardrobe. As you'll have a better overview of your clothing collection, you can combine items that work best together.

7. Spoil Yourself


With all the stress surrounding the working day, it can be quite easy to forget about yourself from time to time. To start the week on the right foot, you should use Sunday evening for some self-love. Whether it's painting your nails, using a deep-cleanse face mask or taking a relaxing bath, a little pampering will go a long way with the week ahead.

8. Go For A Walk


The best mental preparation for the new week is taking a nice stroll outside. As well as topping up on vitamin D, you will be able to free yourself from all the stress and negative thoughts that have built up over the past week.

If you follow our advice, you'll not only save some valuable time over the course of the week, but also spare yourself plenty of frustration and stress. Thanks to this to-do list, your working week won't feel like such a challenge and you stay focused on what is important to you.




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