Create More Storage Space With A DIY Raised Bed

Looking for more storage space in your bedroom? Then you should definitely try out this IKEA trick. Because from now on you'll be sleeping on your shelves!

You'll need: 

  • 2 Kallax shelves with 4 boxes
  • 2 Kallax shelves with 8 boxes
  • 6 hardwood planks (4.5 ft long)
  • 1 drapes holder (if desired)
  • 1 set of drapes (if desired)

Here's how: 

First assemble the Kallax shelf by following the instructions in the IKEA manual. The shelves will be the frame for the bed later on.

YouTube/ Chelsea Mason

Then place the IKEA shelves lengthwise along the floor, forming a right angle. Place the hardwood planks parallel to each other leaving a 7 inch gap between each one. They take the place of a slatted frame upon which the mattress will rest.

YouTube/ Chelsea Mason

Attach the wooden planks to the IKEA shelf by drilling a screw into the middle of the planks. At this point, you can attach a pretty set of drapes if you so desire. This only works, of course, if your bedroom has a closet where you can place the bed as shown in the video below. If that's what you want to do, mark the middle of the closet above your bed.

YouTube/ Chelsea Mason

Then drill the drapes holder into place after sliding the drapes onto it.

YouTube/ Chelsea Mason

To finish, attach the drapes to the sides using a hammer and nails.

YouTube/ Chelsea Mason

Now your IKEA shelf bed is complete — doesn't it look great?

YouTube/ Chelsea Mason

You can watch the entire process in the following video:

If you'd also like to store a lot of stuff in a tiny room and still have enough space for all your things, you should definitely try out this IKEA hack. Afterwards, your room will be tidy as well as amazing. 


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