Reuse the tops of juice cartons as mason jar lids

Mason jars are such a brilliant invention. Not only can you preserve tasty things like jam, they also help keep other foodstuffs such as rice, flour, and spices fresher longer. But it's not always easy to sprinkle a bit of salt, sugar, or flour out in a pinch. This handy trick will help you get to your stores faster.

You'll need:

Here's how to do it:

Open the top end of the carton.


Turn the carton on its side so the twist cap is facing up and trace a circle around it using the the mason jar lid as a guide.


Cut out around the circle using the scissors.


The circle should fit perfectly into the top of the mason jar.


You can simply replace the original flat metal piece with the carton piece and screw it on using the hollow part of the lid.


Thanks to your new lid, you can easily pour your food out of the mason jar without using a spoon.


You'll be able to get just the right amount when you need it and keep your ingredients and kitchen neat and tidy.




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