10 habits to help your relationship last

Many people want to find their life partner. When you see an elderly couple in the street holding hands, you often ask yourself, "What did they do right to still be happy together after all these years? "

There probably isn't a universal answer to this question. Relationships are as varied as people. However, there are habits nearly all happy couples have in common, that you should consider in your own relationship.


The following 10 "rules" enrich a relationship between two people and help them develop in it together. If you can include just two of these points in your own relationship, you're on the right road to a partnership for life.

1. Say "I love you"

As simple and superfluous as it may seem, to hear that you are loved is balm for the soul. In stressful times especially, it's important to support your partner and show them your love. An "I love you" lets the loved person start the day more confidently and much happier.

2. Look for the positives

Nobody is perfect and that's a good thing. Our partner's idiosyncrasies make them the person we love. True, they may also be the cause of things that annoy us, but these shouldn't get the upper hand in our thoughts. Instead of getting upset, you should learn to love your partner's flaws. You aren't perfect either.

3. Go to sleep together

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One of you is a sleepy head, the other is a night owl. It can sometimes be difficult to find a coordinated sleeping pattern. But it could be worth aiming for this in future. Lying next to a loved one can significantly improve your own sleep. It's also said that the longer you lie next to your partner, the more intimate the relationship becomes on a subconscious level.

4. Cuddling together

If you already can't spend every night with your partner, you should simply embrace them more often. Physical closeness to a loved one generates a feeling of security and just makes you happy.

5. Shared interests

Above all else, passion plays an important role in the first few months. This is rarely extinguished completely, however, it often becomes weaker. That's why it's important to find other things that connect you. Making music together, engaging in sports, or sharing other interests where you have fun as a couple are an important foundation of any relationship.

6. An evening ritual

It doesn't matter whether you are going to bed together or spending the night apart: you should always say "Good night" or send a message saying it. These words are particularly important if you have argued beforehand. They show your partner that the affection in the relationship is stronger than the problems.

7. Holding hands

This habit seems banal, but it is all the more effective for that. Regular hand-holding or running side by side develops your connection. It is a sign that you stand by your relationship and want the world to see how happy you are. You should never think about what others think of your relationship, but be proud of your partnership.

8. Show an interest in each other

Talking is the magic word, and next to listening, it is one of the most important elements of a relationship. Asking about the day's events, or how your partner is feeling, is essential. It shows the other person that you have a stake in their life and they will appreciate this gesture.

9. Be proud of your partner

As well as showing an interest in your partner's life, it's also important to show them your support. When you are proud of them, you should show it! It will inspire your partner to do even better, and will give them a good feeling about being in the relationship.

10. The art of forgiving

Possibly the hardest thing in human relationships, be it in romantic partnerships, or in friendships, is forgiveness. Certainly, the people closest to us are the ones who can wound us most deeply. Even if you are very upset about your partner's behavior, you should consider that everyone makes mistakes. Even when you are hurting, you should try to understand the other person and, depending on the size of the screwup, to forgive them.

Love is something wonderful! But a relationship can sometimes be a lot of work. However, in any case, it's worth taking on the struggles, if you are rewarded with a stable and happy relationship through all the difficult times. If you really want to make your man cry in bed check out this post.


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