How To Make DIY Decorative Bows

Countless people have this problem: the gift is wrapped in paper, but it still looks so boring! Of course there are fabulous bows that you can buy in stores, but they're expensive and usually end up in the trash. Use this nifty trick to save money and make perfect bows, all by yourself!

You'll need: 

  • a fork with four prongs
  • two ribbons
  • scissors
  • candle

Here's how: 

Weave one ribbon through the fork prongs, leaving a bit of space at the bottom. 

Now change direction and weave back once more.

 Keep doing this until you have five rows of ribbon woven through the prongs.

Now tie the second ribbon around the first ribbon, through the middle prongs. Make a simple knot and pull tight.

Pull the ribbons off the fork and it will look like a bow. Shorten the long ends with scissors. To protect the end that's been cut from unraveling, hold it near a flame for a second. But careful: the thin ribbons easily burn, so don't hold it in the flame, just next to it. 

 The perfect bow is complete!

Check out the video tutorial here:

Now you know how to easily create cute bows. They can be used to decorate so many different things: gifts, greeting cards, notebooks, headbands, and even Christmas trees. Let your imagination run wild with this idea!


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