Cool trick: Use a rope to start a car with a dead battery

Sometimes bad luck strikes and we find ourselves stuck in the middle of nowhere, alone with no cell phone reception, and a car that won't start. If it's simply a case of a dead battery, you can easily get your car started using only a jack and a rope. But there is one catch: this trick only works on cars with small gasoline engines and a manual transmission.

To get started, jack up the car so that one front wheel can spin freely.

YouTube/Shake the Future

Now wrap the rope around the wheel. Leave enough at the end so you can get a good grip for pulling. Before proceeding any further, make sure that the jack is stable and the parking brake is on.

YouTube/Shake the Future

The next step is to put the car in third gear and turn on the ignition.

YouTube/Shake the Future

Now for the most important step: take hold of the rope and pull as hard as you can, as if you were starting a lawn mower.

YouTube/Shake the Future

The spinning of the wheel should be enough to start the engine.

YouTube/Shake the Future

The following video shows each step in more detail:

It's a great trick for getting yourself out of trouble if you drive the right kind of car and remember to keep a rope and jack in it at all times.




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