10 mistakes that immediately ruin your look

We've all been there: spending hours sifting through our closets with the help of friends, trying to pick out the perfect outfit. Then you proudly step outside and present yourself in public only to discover your flawless ensemble has been tainted. Something so trivial and seemingly harmless has managed to ruin your entire look...

Here are 10 of these kinds of mistakes that can ruin a perfect outfit:

1. Hair tie around your wrist

You've just had your hair tied up in a ponytail, but then decide that you'd actually prefer it down. So, what do you do with your hair tie now? You don't want to lose it in case you need it later, so you just put it around your wrist. Unfortunately, it doesn't make for a very stylish bracelet, quite the opposite in fact. It's best to decide on a hairstyle beforehand and stick to it. 

2. Gucci with a plastic grocery bag


No matter how much effort you put into your outfit and how expensive it was, if you carry a plastic grocery bag while wearing it, it will all go to waist! So if you're going grocery shopping, it's much more tasteful to combine your outfit with a larger, classy but practical bag or a stylish backpack. It looks good, doesn't pollute the environment and you get your shopping taken care of in a fashionable manner.

3. Clickity clackity shoes

Grace in high heels

Many women draw attention to themselves for the wrong reason, namely with the awful racket they make with their high heel shoes. When walking through corridors or down the road, the clunking sound is enough to annoy anyone close-by and the beautiful outfit the individual is wearing gets entirely overlooked as a result. No one will be paying attention to your expensive Louis Vuitton bag or your chic pearl necklace, be sure of that. But don't worry, a cobbler can make swift amendments to your noisy clickity clackity shoes and have the problem solved in no time. 

4. Flashing your underwear


Whether you are flashed by a speed camera or someone's underwear, it's usually not a pleasant experience. No matter how short, transparent or tight your clothes are, always make sure that your underwear stays UNDER your other clothing.

5. Creased clothing


Let's face it: anyone who is too lazy to iron is ultimately only punishing themselves. Especially when it comes to blouses and shirts — there's nothing worse than seeing a wrinkled, creased business outfit. It certainly leaves a poor impression — so get the ironing board out!

6. Loops

Those tiny, stringy loops you find on the inside of shirts, dresses, cardigans etc. often have a way of slipping out in the most inopportune moments. The delightful ribbon-like bits of string should either remain well concealed or be cut off immediately after purchase so you don't run the risk of ruining what would otherwise be a very chic or sophisticated outfit.

7. Hanger bumps

Be sure to use rounded hangers for hanging T-shirts and sweaters, otherwise, you'll have the unsightly issue of bumps and stretched spots on your shoulders left behind from the ends of the hangers.

8. Crumbs, hairs and other stains

Rice Planting

There are some things that simply  don't belong on your clothes: cat hair, food crumbs, dandruff etc. Always take a quick look in the mirror before leaving home, to make sure any unwanted items or stains are removed from your clothing before appearing in public.

9. Worn and dirty shoes

White and other light-coloured shoes are especially prone to getting dirty very quickly. You should therefore clean them regularly with a shoe brush or shoe polish. In rainy weather, suede and light shoes should ideally be left in the shoe closet at home.

10. Visible bra straps

yet more BPAL Twister

Another common fashion mishap is visible bra straps. For some garments, such as spaghetti strap dresses or off-the-shoulder tops, you should switch to adhesive silicone pads or strapless bras. In order to prevent embarrassment, there are many other clever alternatives that still effectively do the job.

As you can see, even smallest of mistakes can ruin an entirely well-thought-out outfit. But it doesn't have to be this way! Just by avoiding the above mentioned closet malfunctions, you will no doubt turn heads with the fashionable look you were going for all along.




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