13 ideas for making the most of the space in your bathroom

A nice bathroom is important for any home. It's where you start your morning and spend time getting yourself ready for the day ahead. Yet as much as we love our bathrooms, we often have to contend with poor layouts and restricted space. But before you start reaching for sledgehammer and planning some extensive renovation work, here are 13 great ideas for making the most of your space in even the smallest of bathrooms...

1. Spice shelves

As well as saving space, spice shelves add a touch of class to any bathroom.


2. Magazine holder

Attaching a magazine holder to a cabinet door creates more space and keeps everything tidy.

3. Sticky shower curtain

If you have a small shower or tub, there's one good solution for keeping the shower curtain away from your body. First, press the shower curtain down over the edge of the bath, before putting shampoo bottles on top of it to keep it in place. This also works using magnets.


4. Wardrobe hooks 

Wardrobe hooks are great for hanging up towels in the bathroom. They also look more stylish than classic towel hooks.

5. Magnetic strips

Tired of fumbling around for bobby pins in your drawer? Simply attach a magnetic strip on the inside of the drawer and keep your bobby pins there.

6. Magnetic cabinets

Attaching small magnets to the side of a cabinet is a great way to keep small metallic items such as tweezers and nail clippers stowed away nicely.


7. Stacked plate rack

Beyond its practical use, this stacked plate rack adds some style to your bathroom. As you can see, it's an excellent place to stow all of your soaps and bathing products.

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8. Turbo brush

Admittedly, this trick doesn't really create any more space in your bathroom. But if you attach a brush to a power drill, you can use it to clean up your bathroom tiles. Once you're done, you'll be able to see your own reflection in those sparkling tiles, making your bathroom appear larger. ;-)

9. Large mirror

As in the previous hack, having a large mirror on one of the walls will make your bathroom appear larger.

10. Magnetic board

A magnetic board is a good method for keeping all of your cosmetic products handy in a decorative way. Simply attach some strips of magnetic tape to the back of the board and you're done!

11. Rolled up towels

Rolled up towels save space. They look nicer, too.

12. Extra storage

Install some drawers in your bathroom cabinets to make better use of space and keep things tidy.

13. Back of the bathroom door

Installing towel rails to the back of the bathroom door saves loads of space.

These are some superb space-saving ideas that'll work in any bathroom, no matter what size it is. Give them a try and see what you think! :-)


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