A quick and easy way to remove a stripped screw

Anyone who likes to work with tools knows this scenario: a screw head is stripped and you can't remove it with a screwdriver or a drill. Here's a very practical tip to help you solve this very annoying problem...

When a screw is stripped, it's practically impossible to turn it using a drill or screwdriver.

The solution is much simpler than you think: just use rubber bands!

Place a rubber band over the stripped screw.

Keep constant pressure on the rubber band to make sure it doesn't slip off. It's okay to let it wrap around the drill.

Slowly but surely the screw will turn until it finally falls out.

You can also use this method with a screwdriver if you don't have an electric drill.

Here's a video tutorial:

This tip belongs in very DIYer's repertoire. But don't keep it to yourself — share it with your friends and save them the frustration, too!



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