Ideal For The Forgetful – A Trick To Keep Your Plants Healthy & Green

It's probably happened to everyone who's ever had houseplants. You go away for a week or two and when you get back, you hardly have to open the door before you see the dried-out, dying plants. There are those who will stubbornly insist that the plants are nowhere near dead. "They'll be fine!" they say, as they turn the kitchen sink into a plant restoration factory. That's what denial looks like. They aren't always fine. With this trick, you'll finally be able to crack that dilemma: your plants will stay fresh whether you're there or not. 

You'll Need:

Here's How:

1. Set up your first bottle so that the bottle cutter will cut it exactly in half. 

2. Rotate the bottle as you hold it to make a deep, even scratch-line all around the cylinder.

3. Now boil a quart of water. Holding the bottle on a downward diagonal over a large bowl or the sink (which you need to fill with water), pour some hot water over the planned cutting line. (Be careful not to burn yourself!)

4. Now you do the opposite: immediately following the boiling water, pour cold water over the bottle.

5. And you guessed it, one more round of boiling water. Usually the glass will break at this point, along the planned line, and the bottle's neck will fall into the bowl or sink full of water.

6. With your sandpaper, you'll want to sand both cut edges until they're nice and smooth. 

7. Now bore a little hole through one of your corks: 0.1 to 0.2 of an inch will do!

8. Thread the string through the hole in the cork, leaving the same amount of string on either side.

9. Plug the mouth of the bottle. Then pour just enough water in the bottom part to cover up the cork, once the top half is placed upside down into the bottom half. 

10. Now all you have to do is fill the upper part of the bottle with soil and the plant of your choice.

That's it!

Here's a helpful video:

 This won't just save your plants from dying of thirst, it also turns the plant corner into quite a conversation starter. Have fun !


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