Make Your Shower Sparkle With This Easy Household Trick

Of all the places in your home, the shower is one of the hardest to clean. At the same time, there are few things worse than a badly-cleaned bathroom with dirty tiles, a soap-scummed shower, and a faucet covered in limescale. It can get really frustrating, especially since the bathroom is a place that always seems to get dirty immediately after you've cleaned it.


A lack of time often means people let the dirt rest where it may. But now you can change all that! There is a shower cleaning mixture that puts all the rest to shame. And the best part? You can easily make it at home with just two ingredients. This cleaner will quickly take care of every type of grime.

You'll need:

  • 1 cup liquid dish soap
  • 1 cup warm vinegar
  • a funnel
  • a spray bottle
  • a sponge

Here's how:
Warm the vinegar on the stove. The liquid should be very warm, but not so hot that you burn yourself. You should still be able to dip your finger in.


Use the funnel to transfer the vinegar to a spray bottle and add the dish soap. Simply roll the bottle around to combine it and also so as not to create too much foam in it.


Spray the mixture onto the surface you want to clean and rub it in lightly with a sponge.

Tip: Take care with silicone or rubber caulking — the vinegar may be too strong for them.


Let the spray sit for around 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water. You will instantly see how quickly and easily the dirt comes away.


The mixture also makes a great floor cleaner; just make sure you don't slip and fall due to the soap. Your bathroom will be super clean in no time at all and there's no need to worry about it smelling like vinegar — the aroma goes away on its own!


You'll have never seen your bathroom shine so brightly! This vinegar mix will be your new go-to bathroom cleaner.


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