6 Excellent Alternative Uses For Silica Gel Packets

When you buy a new bag or a pair of shoes, you often find a little white package inside that's filled with granules. It's called "Silica Gel" and is used to absorb moisture and prevent the items from getting moldy and musty. These little sacks usually end up in the garbage, but they can actually be used again and again.

Some people worry that the granules are poisonous, but that's just not true — Silica Gel is even used in the food industry to keep food dry. That doesn't mean you should eat it, but even if you did, it wouldn't harm you. Here are six great ways to get the most out of those little white packets...

1. In that old shoebox full of photos

Silica Gel can help to keep photos from sticking together or turning yellow.

2. In a camera bag

Here, those nifty granules can protect the lenses from moisture damage.

3. In a gym bag

To keep those sweaty running shoes from becoming stink bombs, simply throw a few packets of Silica Gel into your bag.

4. For razors

These handy little sacks can prevent razors from getting rusty.

5. For wet clothes

Whether you got caught in the rain or just finished a swim and need to pack your wet swimsuit, Silica Gel sacks can soak up the moisture and prevent your clothes from getting smelly.

6. In the cutlery drawer

A few packs in the cutlery drawer prevents your silverware from tarnishing.

If you think about it, you can probably find some other places in your home that could use a moisture-fighter like Silica Gel. How about in the tool box to protect against rust? Or your jewelry case? The possibilities are endless...


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