Six tips for optimizing your bathroom

It's always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve (especially when it comes to household chores) just to make everyday life just that bit easier. And as we all know, the bathroom is one room that requires some extra effort when it comes to cleanliness. So here are a few cheap and effective tricks to help simplify your cleaning routine and keep your bathroom looking its best!

1. Cleaning the faucet

You've just run out of bathroom cleaning products? Well, that doesn’t matter! We all know lemon can be a very efficient and ecological cleaning product replacement, but what you've probably never thought to use is good old toothpaste! Try putting some on a sponge and rubbing it over your faucet.

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The cleansing power of toothpaste is really quite impressive. It'll do the job well and you'll be amazed at the result.

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2.  Economical soap dispenser

Have you ever wondered about the pressure of soap dispensers or the size of the openings on shampoo bottles or toothpaste tubes? The manufacturers are really quite clever. They calculate these things perfectly so that you consume more each time you use them and as a result need to purchase new ones that much sooner. But in actual fact, our hands don't need as much soap to get clean as the dispenser would like us to believe. So in order to save money, you can use this simple method: tie an elastic band around the neck of the dispenser. That way when you use it, a little less soap will be dispensed each time.

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You'll notice you won't have to buy soap as often as you normally would. It's these small measures that make a big impact!

3. Filling a bucket with water

Physics is to blame for this problem: your bucket is just a bit too big for your sink and you have trouble filling it up with water.

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The trick: put a dustpan across the sink and place your bucket on the floor directly below — you'll hit the target every time!

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 4. Towels

It’s never easy to remove a towel from a pile without making the others fall down. But here's a very special way to fold them so you can access them more easily, without ending up with a pile of towels on the floor.

Start by folding one corner towards the opposite edge.

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Then fold the other corner on the same side, also towards the opposite edge.

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Then roll it. Secure the roll by wedging the remaining triangular side into the fabric.

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And there you have it — your neat pile of towels, fit for a hotel bathroom!

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 5. Rust 

For all your rusty surfaces, there is one household ingredient you can apply that is really effective: ketchup!

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Let it sit for a while and then wipe away the residue with a sponge or cloth — it's as easy as that.

 6. Soap

Don't you just hate it when your bar of soap gets all soggy after lying in a soap holder filled with stagnant water for a while? Well, here's a tip that will stop this from happening.

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By putting two elastic bands around both ends of the soap holder, your soap will stay dry and firm!

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The other good thing about this trick is that you end up wasting far less soap, as it no longer dissolves in the water it's been soaking in.

You can see these neat tricks as well as a few more in the video below:

It's the little things that count! If you apply these bathroom hacks, your bathroom will become just that bit more enjoyable. Share it with a friend, they'll be grateful for the tips too!


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