13 Practical DIY Tricks For Making Small Repairs Around The Home

In your own home, you can do whatever you want — within reason, of course. At the same time, there's always something you need to do that you don't want to, usually involving making repairs around the house. Luckily, our household troubleshooting guide will mean you don't have to waste your whole afternoon making these home improvements...

1. Removing Silicon Joints

Old silicone joints are much easier to remove when you warm them up with a hair dryer.


2. Keeping Rats Out

Nobody wants to be greeted by a rat when going to the bathroom. You needn't worry, as installing a ratflap is less complicated than you think — simply unscrew the toilet, insert the ratflap into the gutter pipe, screw the toilet back into place, and then you're done.


3. Cleaning Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are the main reason for water damage on your walls. However, there's a clever trick to clean them in next to no time. First, cut a plastic bottle in half and drill holes into the base of it. Next, clamp it into the gutter and wash the dirt into the bottle using a strong jet of water. 


4. Painting Tiles

Bored of the tiled flooring in the kitchen? Instead of buying new tiles, save some money by painting over the old ones.


You can find paint that's suitable for floor tiles at most hardware stores.


5. Scratches On The Door

You can touch up any paint damage on the door or frame using nail polish. Just find the right shade and apply it to the scratch with the brush.


6. Dripping Faucet

If the faucet is dripping, a quick fix is to remove the calcified faucet cartridge from the mixing valve and leave it in diluted vinegar for several hours. 


7. Installing A Ceiling Light

To install a ceiling light exactly in the center over the table, point a laser pointer upwards from that spot. The point of light will then show you where to drill into the ceiling.


8. Torn Out Drill Hole

If a drill hole is too big or the wall plug has torn out of the porous masonry, you can fill the hole with hot glue. Press a wall plug into the glue and leave it to harden. Afterwards, the screw shouldn't move an inch.


9. Squeaky Floorboards

Old floorboards are wonderful — apart from the annoying squeaking! To reduce these noises, drill a small hole into the floorboard, inject a little expanding foam into the cavity underneath it and close the drill hole with a wooden dowel.


10. Sealing Cartridges

A suitable cap nut protects opened cartridges from drying out.


11. Drilling Tiles

To prevent the drill from slipping on smooth tiles, stick some masking tape on the place that needs be drilled.


12. Keeping Wasps Away

Once wasps have settled in your home, it's hard to get rid of them. To prevent these pesky bugs from setting up a nest there in the first place, scrunch up some newspaper into a ball and hang it up. The wasps will think that a nest has already been established in your home, prompting them to move on elsewhere.

13. Carrying Support

Use rope to help you carry wooden panels like this.


"There's always something..." While that may well be true, at least you save some money and time using the tricks above. And just think of how satisfied you'll feel once the job's done!


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