9 useful smartphone features you might not know yet!

Although their original function was to make calls, mobile phones now serve about a zillion more purposes than just a telephone. But there are even more things you might not know about that your smartphone can do. Check out this list of 9 more unexpected ways to use your phone: 

1. Reaching difficult corners

Selfie sticks aren't just good for taking better self-portraits. If you skype or facetime from your computer to your phone with your phone on the stick poked into hard-to-reach corners, you'll get an excellent view of what's behind that cupboard or on the top shelf of your storage closet!


2. Free loudspeaker

Instead of spending on a pricey loudspeaker for listening to music on your phone, you can just put the device into a coffee mug. The effect is fantastic.

3. Extending the life of your device

It's normal for the little charger plug to get dust in it over time, but not everyone knows that this can reduce your device's lifespan pretty drastically. To clean the tiny socket out fill a syringe with air and then discharge it into the space. Do it regularly and you'll have your smartphone for a lot longer! Convenience and savings in one trick.

4. Taking photos underwater

If your smartphone isn't completely waterproof there's still a brilliant way to take photos underwater without destroying it: make a plastic pouch for it. Check out the easy instructions in this video.


5. Help for the blind

The Be My Eyes app helps blind people in their daily lives in a huge variety of ways, from reading a product's expiration date to contacting an assistant for further help.

6. Facial recognition

Many people are using fingerprint identity sensor to unlock their phones, but Android phones have an even easier way: facial recognition. To change how you unlock your phone just go to Settings, then Security, and then choose Smart Lock. You'll see your choices right there.


7. Microscope

Your smartphone's camera can pick up things too small for the human eye to see. You just need a small lens like that on a laser pointer and your device: now you can see incredible magnified photographs or even microscopic objects!


8. Definitive blocking

If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, there's a way to block access to your data completely. You'll just need the unique code that each device has, called IMEI. To activate it, call your service provider and give them the number. Worries vanished!


9. Spy or baby monitor

If you want to listen in on someone else's private conversations (a corrupt politician perhaps, or cheating spouse — or both!), or, more innocently, you just want to be able to hear your baby cry from another room, your smartphone can help. 

First, you have to make sure that it has an automatic answer function, and activate that. Then, silence the ringtone and microphone, and deactivate the vibrate function. Now there won’t be any sound at all when you call the phone. (Baby will sleep through it!)

Next, you place the phone near where the conversation will take place or next to the crib of course. Conceal the device and lower the brightness level of the screen if you don't want anyone to see it. Your phone will answer now when you call it, even though no one picked up, and you'll hear just what's going on.


Before you do your actual spying/monitoring, you want to test your phone out to make sure it works. If possible have someone near the device to be sure it's inaudible and that you can hear well.

As fun as all the standard apps are, our smartphones aren't just for calls, WhatsApp, news alerts, checking the weather, and playing Piano Tiles, Pokemon Go, or Candy Crush…

You can become a spy, scientist, or underwater photographer! Try these tricks and pass on your favorites.


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