Make These Adorable Mini Snowmen Yourself Out Of Socks!

As it gets colder outside, it's time to get cozier inside. Why not try some winter arts and crafts? This sweet decoration idea shows how you can make a cute little snowman out of a sock, a few pins, and an old button. Perfect for the whole family!

You'll Need:

  • socks
  • scissors
  • rice
  • 3 strands of thin cotton string (same color as your sock)
  • decorative ribbon or a little leftover fabric
  • 2 buttons
  • colorful pins (black and red/orange are good)

Here's How:

1. Cut the sock across the instep section about two inches from the heel.

2. Take the top part and turn it inside out.

3. Tie a string around this part about one inch above the cut you made.

4. Then turn it right side out again.

5. Now that it's a little sack, fill it carefully with rice.

6. When it's almost full, tie it again near the top with one of your strings.

7. Squeeze your snowman a kind of waist-like shape in the middle so that there's one smaller ball on top (his head) and bigger one on the bottom.

8. Use your last string to tie the waistband tight, separating the two balls. It helps to use a double-knot so it stays tied.

9. Tie the decorative ribbon with a nice bow over where the middle string is. Now your snowman has a scarf! 

10. Take the toe section of your sock and roll it up several times over from the cut end.

11. This is his cap — you can put it over his head.

12. Now you just need to sew the buttons onto his chest and stick the pins in for his face: two black ones for eyes and orange for his carrot-nose.

You're done!

Watch the video to see the whole process:

This is really such an easy trick with such a sweet end result! It'll be hard to resist trying it out. After all, we all need a little holiday spirit to get our homes into the right winter mood!


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