You'll Need Glow In The Dark Paint & Epoxy Resin For Your Next DIY Project!

A table is a really simple piece of furniture, consisting of a flat surface supported on four legs. If you want to liven up this simplicity, then the following DIY project is exactly the one for you. It doesn't just add a stunning visual feature, but adds a particular effect that's only visible in the dark!

You'll Need:

  • wood carver
  • a Bunsen burner
  • epoxy resin
  • epoxy hardener
  • glow in the dark paint powder
  • blue glitter
  • blue acrylic paint

Here's How:

1. The essential task here is the wood carving, making deep notches in the tabletop. In our project, we've gone for a broad groove down the center, with small indentations flanking it on either side.

Of course, you can carve whatever design you like into the table. For example, you could cover the entire surface with indentations of varying size. It's entirely up to you.

2. Smooth over the notches with sandpaper.

3. Now mix the paint, from two parts of epoxy resin, glow in the dark paint powder, blue glitter, a drop of blue acrylic paint and lastly, one part epoxy hardener. Fill in all the notches with the paint mixture. For the smaller indentations, use a bottle with an applicator nozzle.

4. Heat the resin with the Bunsen burner. Burn-off bursts the little bubbles that can form in the resin, resulting in a smoother surface. Let the resin harden for 24 hours.

5. Mix epoxy resin and epoxy hardener in a ratio of two to one and cover the entire surface of the table with it. Put newspaper or something similar underneath the table, so it can catch any drips. Smooth out the resin again and heat it with the Bunsen burner. Let the top coat harden for 48 hours.

After more than three days, your table will be ready. In daylight, its special decoration is beautiful and certainly sets it apart from more traditional wooden furniture.

But it's only in darkness that you get the full spectacular effect.

The most famous table in history is probably King Arthur's Round Table. But unlike this fantastic table, it didn't glow in the dark! 


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