Characteristics That Spoiled Children Later Have As Adults

The way we bring up our kids plays a significant role in how they will later behave as adults and take on the challenges of the real world. Many parents want to indulge their children's every whim and make life as comfortable as possible for them. In the end, their kids are supposed to have it better than they had it. While this way of thinking comes from a good place, parents often go too far and make things a little too easy for their kids. This can have a big impact on how they approach life as grown-ups.

Children should be encouraged from a young age to solve any small disputes on their own. From the very beginning, boundaries need to be established in the parent-child relationship too. That means parents shouldn't try to meet their child's every desire and spoil them all the time. This will help them better adapt to the real world, as they will take the needs of others into consideration. 

The following 6 problems are typical of people who were spoiled rotten as children...


1. They can't take criticism.

Adults who were spoiled as kids aren't always the best at taking criticism. Failed job interviews, rejections from the opposite sex or mistakes are never their fault. In their view, it's everyone else who has the problem. This attitude prevents these people from learning to reflect on their errors and grow.


2. They are not very independent.

Since many tasks were done for them as kids, these people tend to have trouble organising their life and getting things done. They aren't particularly resilient and quickly become overwhelmed when they have more than one task to do.


3. They give up too quickly.

Children who got everything from their parents never had to learn how to fight for something. As adults, this can come as a disadvantage in situations where they need to fight for something or someone. These people often throw in the towel too soon as a way to avoid any potential obstacles in their way.


4. They fall into despair over disappointments.

People who never learned how to deal with losing or disappointment as kids have real trouble in these situations when grown up. They can fall into complete despair when something doesn't go according to how they wanted things, finding it hard to move on quickly.


5. They don't take the initiative.

People who were spoiled rotten as kids are used to simply opening their mouths when they wanted something done. Later in life, they often fail to take the initiative and wait for others to get everything done for them instead. 


6. They take success as a matter of course.

And why wouldn't they? They've never know any different. Since these people always get their way, they never learnt to really appreciate positive things. This way, they miss out on many moments of happiness, as they've never learnt to enjoy the small things in life.


We all want the best for our kids. Yet we're doing them no favors when we simply give them everything they want, no questions asked. As adults, they will otherwise learn the hard way that life isn't so easy and their actions have consequences. Thankfully, most of us live and learn throughout life and are able to adapt to changes, even if we were spoiled rotten as kids ourselves!


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