Awesome storage ideas: 12 ways to store your shoes

How often do you shop for shoes? With fall fashion season well underway, it's definitely time for a new pair or two. But, unless you follow the one in, one out rule, you could soon find your home with shoes scattered everywhere — in bedrooms, kitchens, doorways etc. Are you lacking space for your precious boots and stilettos? No problem. If you take a look at the tips below, your shoes will be kept neatly in place, and you won't even have to buy extra shelves.

1. Tension rods

Thin, adjustable tension rods are perfect for organizing high heels, and if you install two rods parallel to one another, you can store flat shoes too!


2. Staircase

Staircase drawers offer plenty of space for shoes.


3. External boot rack

Keep big waterproof boots outside, that way you'll save a lot of space.


4. Pallet

Old pallets have a range of uses! Neat shoe storage is definitely one of them. 


5. Hallway wall

If your hallway is too narrow to put your shoes on the floor, use wall racks instead. Colorful sneakers will make it look just like a shop display.


6. PVC Pipe 

Cut PVC piping into small lengths and stack them up in the corner to create a simple and stylish storage unit.


7. Ladder

A slanted ladder is a perfect place to keep your shoes! You can also make one out of pinewood.


8. Clothes hangers

Cut some wire clothes hangers with wire cutters and bend them in the way shown below. Your thongs are now secured for next summer!


9. Wooden apple crate

Fancy some vintage-style shoe shelves? Simply pile up some apple crates and you're done. Though you might want to nail them to the wall if you're using a lot.


10. Cardboard

If you're looking for cheap and easy solution, taping cardboard into triangles and forming a stack will leave you with some handy storage, without too much effort.


11. Coat hooks

Installing coat hooks near the floor opens up a whole new range of possibilities for shoe storage.


12. Magazine racks

Modern, creative and simple. Metal magazine racks are not only useful for organizing newspapers, but also when it comes finding somewhere to put your shoes.


There you go! As you can see, there are many different ways to store your shoes. Just pick an ordinary item and turn it into a creative shoe rack!


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