5 Easy Steps For Getting Rid Of Strawberry Legs

Getting silky smooth legs is no easy task, as many men and women will attest. Unfortunately, shaving often leads to those dreaded "strawberry legs," which are caused by darkened pores or small bumps trapped in hair follicles. Though these black dots are totally harmless, their appearance can be somewhat unsightly. If you have tanned or olive skin, these dark spots can appear more prominently too. What a nightmare!


Luckily, there are a number of good practices you can incorporate into your cleansing routine so that strawberry legs never return...


1. Throw Away Your Razor

The best option is to switch to a method that will remove both the hair and its root. Possibilities include epilation, waxing or laser hair removal, though the latter method will be a little more costly.


2. Skin Peels

If you have strawberry legs, skin peels are a must for removing dead skin cells. You should try using a light skin peel once a week or even daily if you can. It's best to apply the skin peel and wash it off before removing any hair. The product can be applied using a special exfoliating sponge or simply by hand.

Here's a simple homemade exfoliator recipe for removing dead cells from the top layer of your skin. You'll need a little sugar or some coffee grounds, a drop of olive or coconut oil, and the juice from half a lemon. Mix everything together, rub it onto your legs, leave the mixture for several minutes before washing it off with warm water.


3. Change Your Loofah Sponge More Often

You should be changing your loofah regularly. Dead skin cells are easily trapped in the many layers of netting, which become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Old loofahs also harbor bugs that can cause damage to your skin, counteracting all of your exfoliation efforts.


4. Aloe Vera Massage

Aloe vera is a great addition to your daily routine. The plant consists 96% of water, giving your skin plenty of moisture. Aloe vera also contains properties that work against bacteria and fungi which cause blackheads, dark pores and ingrown hairs. For the best possible results, massage the aloe vera gel into your skin for about 5 minutes, and don't wash it off.


5. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

It's important to provide your skin with enough moisture, especially if you have been shaving or using a skin peel. An intensive lotion keeps your skin free of irritations. Just be sure that the lotion doesn't contain any silicone, as this can clog up your pores. It's better to use a watery moisturizing cream that provides optimal skincare and keeps your pores clear.


If you can't do without your razor, you should follow this advice:

  • Invest in a decent razor with several blades (the more, the better).
  • Make sure the blades are clean and sharp.
  • Use a water bath to make your skin and hair soft beforehand.
  • Shave against the direction the hair grows; however, shave in the direction the hair grows in particularly sensitive areas.
  • Avoid going over the same spot several times.
  • Use a lotion or serum on your skin after shaving.

Even when your legs are hidden under long jeans or pants, you should give them the care they deserve. If you follow the advice above, strawberry legs will be a thing of the past!


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