How Everyday Things Look Under The Microscope

All of these items exist in the world in which we live. You probably see most of the below on a daily basis. But when you look at something as normal as an eyelash under a microscope, it seems so bizarre and could even be considered extraterrestrial in its appearance!

1. Needle & Thread

2. Human Sweat Pores

3. Instant Coffee Grain

4. Used Floss

5. Orange Juice

6. Pencil Lead

7. Pineapple Leaves

8. Pollen

9. Stamp Edge

10. Louse

11. Salt

12. Salt & Pepper

13. Snow

14. Spider Skin

15. Split End

16. Stitches

17. Fly Foot

18. Toilet Paper

19. Toothbrush Bristles

20. Lightbulb Tungsten Wire

21. Red Blood Cells

22. Velcro

23. Record Surface

24. Bananas

25. Coagulated Blood

26. Sprinkles

27. Chalk

28. Chocolate

29. Dust

30. Flea

31. Sports Jersey

32. Fortune Cookie

33. Gecko Foot

34. Guitar String

35. Human Eyelashes

Images source: imgur

Consider this: over the course of the day, you surely come into contact with most of these things! Share these fascinating insights into a microscopic world of discovery!


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