Surprising: 7 ways to use surprise eggs

Play, excitement, and chocolate: surprise eggs were a part of childhood for so many of us (except if you grew up in the United States where they're banned due to food regulations that date back to 1938!). Apart from the treat of getting to eat the chocolate egg, the little toy inside the yellow capsule is an essential part of the fun.

While you might be tempted to toss out the capsule itself, there are actually lots of surprising uses for it too! 

kinder surprise egg

1. Earbud container

Wind up the wires to your earbuds and store them in a capsule. That way the next time you want them, they won't be a mess of cable salad! 


2. Toothpick dispenser

Bore little holes in the lid of the capsule and use it as a perfectly-sized dispenser for when you need a toothpick.


3. Matchbox

Cut out the striking surface of a matchbox and tape it to the inside of the capsule. Then put all your matches into the yellow egg and they'll be safe and dry till you need them! 


4. Lollipop case

Lollipop holder: drill a lollipop-stem-sized hole in one side. 


And lo! Now you have the perfect way to keep the delicious candy clean if you can't finish it in one go.


5. Toothbrush case

Similar to the lollipop, you can do the same with your toothbrush. Cut a hole in the lid whose size is the same as the notch. 


By pushing the handle of your toothbrush through the hole and closing the lid, you've made a little case for the toothbrush that you can pack right up for your next vacation trip.


6. Salt shaker

Use a thumbtack or pin to poke holes in the lid of the capsule and then fill it with salt. Do the same with another one, but this time for pepper. And voila, you have your new salt and pepper shakers! 


7. Pencil sharpener

Drill a hole in the bottom of the capsule about the size of an average pencil. Glue a sharpener onto the inside of the capsule against the hole and now you have a perfect container for the shavings! 


Watch the video to see exactly how all these nifty tricks are done: 

So clearly you need to start getting all the kids you know surprise eggs — or of course, you could just get them yourself... We won't tell... 


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