Don't throw them away! 10 ways to put old teabags to good use

The normal way to use teabags is pretty obvious: to make a cup of tea. But most people don't know that they can actually be used for many other things after they've been steeped to make a nice warm beverage. Here are 10 examples of how used teabags can be "recycled" for all kinds of practical purposes...

1. Glass cleaner

Cut open the teabag, wrap the damp tea leaves in a thin cloth and use it to clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Simply wipe it over the surface and then dry the surface with a clean, dry cloth.


2. Compost

If you remove the staple that holds the bag together, you can actually put old teabags in the compost. Pouring one or two cups of freshly brewed tea on your compost is also good for catalyzing the decomposition.

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3. Fertilizer

Used teabags aren't a long-term solution for fertilizing your plants, but they can help to perk them up when you don't have anything else around. Simply remove the staple and place the teabag beside the plant.


4. Warts

Apparently you can treat warts by placing a wet teabag (green tea) on them for a few minutes, but you won't notice any results until the next day.


5. Neutralize odors

Spread the dried leaves from a used teabag on textiles to rid them of foul odors. Leave them on for about 10 minutes and then vacuum them up.


6. Wash hands

If your hands smell like onions or fish after cooking, you can get rid of the smell by rubbing a dry, used teabag on them.


7. Bath supplement

Teas with antioxidants — green tea, for example — make great bath supplements. The aromatic brew is great for the skin and the scent provides amazing aroma therapy.


8. Toothaches

Soak a camomile teabag in warm water and place it on a tooth that's giving you trouble. This will provide temporary relief from the pain. Another option is to use a mouth wash made of sage or camomile tea.


9. Bruises

You can treat bruises by placing a damp teabag on them for a few minutes. This method is also good for mosquito bites and sunburn.

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10. Healing cuts

Small cuts can also be treated by placing a damp teabag on them. Camomile and black tea are best for this.


So the next time you fire up the kettle and brew yourself a cup of tea, don't throw the teabag in the trash. If you take a quick look around, chances are you'll find another way to put it to good use!




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