How To Turn 3 Towels Into A Great DIY Bath Mat

If you're not careful, you can have a nasty tumble getting out of the shower, especially if a wet foot meets a slippery floor — or even a slippery bath mat. A real rug in front of the shower can make a lot of sense. And here you have some options: of course you can go with a store-bought one, but for a little more color and fun, try this easy method for making your own!

You'll Need:

  • 3 towels of your choice
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • pins

Here's How:

Start by cutting the end seams off the three towels and then cutting each into strips of equal breadth.

Place a strip of each color in a stack.

Sew the three strips together at one end.

Fold their sides in towards the middle...

... and stick pins through them at regular intervals to make sure the strips stay folded over.

Now braid the three strands together, removing the pins as you go.

Once you've finished this plait, sew the next set of strips onto the ends of these and start over from the beginning. Continue until you've braided all the towel strips you have.

When you're done, coil the one long strand into a snail shape. As you wind it around, stop to pin the coils you have together. If you want, you can also sew them together now, or wait to do it when the whole strand is wound. 

Finally, if you haven't already, sew the coils together at regular intervals, taking the pins back out as you go. 

Now you have a totally unique rug to give your bathroom a personal touch — and of course, no more slipping on the cold floor or leaving puddles after a shower!


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