Declutter your home with these 33 brilliant and creative tips

Everyone knows how it is: you have to run out the door so you catapult everything into some corner in the house. Then you come home again and simply have no energy to clean up after yourself. And so your house gets messier and messier while it slowly puts you in a bad mood. But the solution is near! With these 33 simple tricks you can organize your life better, save yourself some time, and improve your mood. Number 11 is so simple it’s brilliant.

1. With this shoe holder you can hang all your cleaning supplies on the closet door so that they don’t take up any space!

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2. Astoundingly simple: stick a paper clip on the end of a roll of tape and you’ll never have to fumble needlessly to find the beginning again.


3. With bungee cords you can even stack sports balls.


4. An empty egg carton will unclutter your kitchen drawers.


5. The things that you hardly use in the bathroom can simply be put on a shelf over the door. Very practical for small bathrooms.


6. These spice magnet cans from Ikea can be hung on your fridge. Then you have space in your cupboard again for other things!


7. If you fold your T-Shirts and put them in vertically, you can fit more inside. You can also figure out far more easily which t-shirt is which. And they’re easier to get to compared to when they are all over the place.


8. You can make pencil holders out of old tea boxes and magnets to put on your fridge.

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9. Baskets can give even your freezer some order and make it so that you can fit more inside.

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10. Super simple: label your cables! Saves tons of time.

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11. And for your computer desk: simple paper clips can spare you a ton of stress. Normally when one of these cables falls down, one has to crawl under the desk. And that means you'll bump your head, guaranteed.


12. This storage system from Ikea is actually made for the kitchen. But it is definitely suited for arts and crafts materials as well.

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13. These wooden “rails” enable you to hang storage boxes from the roof so you can utilize the normally unoccupied space!

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14. This pegboard makes it easy to hang up your sports equipment in the garage.


15. This ladder hanging from the ceiling definitely looks a bit strange. But it makes for a less obtrusive drying rack.


16. Using a magnetic board, you can neatly organize all your beauty accessories.


17. Using rods to hang up baskets in your bathroom is super practical.


18. With pipe brackets from the home improvement store you can use glass jars to make a pretty shelf for your bathroom.

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19. The curling iron and your hair dryer will always be handy thanks to some PVC pipes on the inside of the cabinet’s door.

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20. Or you can also use a newspaper holder.


21. If you put your duvet covers inside the matching pillow case you won’t have to search for the right combination! And of course it’s much more orderly.

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22. With a wire basket you can even utilize free space in the cupboard!

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23. With a magnet strip on the wall, your kitchen knives are always at hand.

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24. You can also hang your cleaning sprays on a rod in the sink cabinet. That way there is space on the bottom for other supplies.


25. Put a Lazy Susan in the fridge and never have moldy mustard again.


26. This is how you’ll know what clothes you don’t need anymore: hang all your clothes on hangers and turn them to the back. If you wear a piece of clothing, simply turn the hanger back forwards. Any article that is on a hanger pointing backwards after a year is something you probably no longer need.


27. A cereal container with a sealable lid works perfectly as a trash can for your car.


28. Tweezers, nail clippers, etc. can be stored conveniently with little magnets on the walls of your bathroom cabinet.


29. Now you can always find the right lid for your pots with this newspaper rack!


30. Adjustable curtain rods can help to keep an orderly cupboard.


31. An old window shutter functions perfectly as a decorative magazine holder.


32. If you put your laundry machines on top of a shelf like this, there is space for the laundry baskets.


33. And never again will you search desperately for hairbands. Just stick them on a bottle and they’ll always be handy. This naturally also works for arm bands.

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Thanks to these tricks, I’m sure my life will be just a bit happier. Share these creative clutter-saving tricks with your friends.


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