How To Upcycle Old Tires Into Stylish Garden Furniture


In the lead-up to summer, those of you fortunate enough to have your own garden have probably been pondering a few things. After figuring out what you're going to plant in your green refuge, your thoughts may then turn to having enough seating for your upcoming barbecues and garden parties. In the case of the latter, the following project will ensure your garden features plenty of stylish furniture that'll wow visitors, and all you need to start is an old tire!

You'll Need:

  • car tires
  • plywood panel
  • 200 ft hemp rope
  • foam
  • fabric
  • buttons
  • staple gun

Here's How:

1. Clean the tire.

2. Cut out two circles from the plywood panel, making sure that they're the same size as the tire's opening. Attach them to both sides of the tire using a hot glue gun.

3. Starting from the center, glue the rope onto the wood in form of a spiral. Next, wrap the rope around the entire tire until you reach the center on the other side.

Seating with Storage Space:

1. For this design, only glue one of the round plywood panels to the tire. Attach the rope to the wood in the shape of a spiral once again, ensuring that the tire is also completely covered.

2. Use the other round wooden panel as a template to cut out two pieces of foam of the same size.

3. Place the two pieces of foam on top of each other and glue the wooden panel on top.

4. Wrap everything in a fabric of your choice and staple it to the wood. Cut away any excess fabric.

5. You can either leave the cushion as it is or decorate it with wooden buttons as below. To do so, mark where you want the buttons.

6. Staple the foam to the wood at the points you've marked on the fabric. To finish, glue down the buttons. Now you have a removable cover for the tire seat.

Now you're ready for your next garden party. The guests can take their seats and don't need to leave their belongings on the lawn — there's plenty of room in those clever tires!


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