Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tabs: It Doesn't Get Easier Than This!

Alright, if we’re perfectly honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that nobody likes cleaning the toilet. But someone’s got to do it, right? Which brings us to the next point: how do you choose the cleaning product to do the job? With all the countless options out there, it’s almost impossible to know which one is going to keep its promise. And not only that, ideally we'd like one that's also environmentally-friendly. With these homemade toilet bowl cleaner tabs, everything is within reach.

You won’t need to go to great lengths to produce these fragrant toilet bowl cleaner tabs and you can easily make large quantities of them at a time. They also make a great environmentally-friendly gift for friends or family. It just goes to show that the harsh chemical products available in supermarkets are simply unnecessary!


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