10 ways toilet paper rolls make everyday life easier

Experienced DIY enthusiasts among us know how great toilet paper rolls are for imaginative projects around the home. Whether it's attractive decorations or useful everyday hacks, there's much scope for creativity. If you're not convinced, check out these great ideas for getting the most out of those old toilet paper rolls...

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1. Plant pot

Since toilet paper rolls are made of cardboard, they're biodegradable and much more environmentally friendly than plastic. That's why it makes sense to make little plant pots out of toilet paper rolls instead of buying plastic ones.

All you have to do is make four cuts on one end of the roll and fold the flaps inward. The rolls should now provide a stabile base and keep the soil inside.

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2. Bird feeder

Now that autumn's here, birdhouses have been springing up everywhere. If you don't want to shell out on a birdhouse for your garden though, you'll find toilet paper rolls are a useful alternative.

First, spread peanut butter on the outside of the roll before dipping it in bird feed. The seeds should then stick to the outside. Now hang the roll on a tree branch in your garden or somewhere on the balcony, so that the birds can feast on those tasty seeds.


3. Curlers

Now here's a tip that you probably won't want to shout from the rooftops when you're using it. However, toilet paper rolls actually make great hair curlers so it's probably time to ditch your foams ones.


4. Toy cars

Toilet paper rolls are also great for keeping things tidy around the house. Simply glue the rolls together facing upward inside a shoebox. You can then use the box to store your children's toy cars, for example.

Most model cars are small enough to fit inside the rolls. Now safely parked inside your homemade mini-garage, you won't have to worry about stepping on your kids' toy cars again!


5. Cable box

When it comes to tidying up, there's nothing worse than organizing loose cables. But if you glue down toilet paper rolls inside a box as in the tip above, you'll have the perfect place to stow away your cables.


6. Cable binders

If you're not storing them in a box, there's another way to keep your cables neat and tidy. All you have to do is roll the cable up and and insert it into a toilet paper roll. You can then label what type of cable it is on the outside.


7. Gift wrapping

What works for cables also works for gift wrapping. Simply slide a toilet paper roll over the gift wrapping so that it doesn't unroll by itself and take up too much room. It certainly looks neater too.


8. Fire starters

Sure, it's important not to play with fire, but here's a great solution when you're out of fire starters at your next barbecue. Simply light those toilet rolls to get that grill going!


9. Decoration

You can also use old toilet paper rolls to add an extra stylish touch to your mirror. To do so, cut the roll into four and press each part down so that it forms an oval shape. Now glue the four ovals together so that they form a circle. Repeat these steps until you have enough rolls to surround the mirror.


10. Smartphone

Cut a slit into the toilet paper roll that your smartphone can fit into when upright. Insert pinboard needles into the bottom of the roll so that it has a stable base. Design the roll as you so wish. It's as simple as that — you now have a pedestal for your smartphone that also functions as a loudspeaker.

Easy DIY Phone Holder using toilet paper rolls

So instead of throwing away our toilet paper rolls, why not make something useful out of them? Once they've been used as a plant pot or bird feeder, you can simply throw the rolls into the garbage without feeling bad about doing so. Upcycling at its best!




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