16 ways to use toothpaste like you've never used it before

Most people only use toothpaste twice a day for what it was intended: brushing your teeth. But did you know that it can actually do a lot more than just clean your pearly whites? Toothpaste dries quickly when exposed to air and absorbs moisture, which makes it a great stain and dirt remover. Check out these outside-the-box ideas for using toothpaste in some very unusual ways...

1. Tarnished silver

When you notice that your silverware is a bit tarnished, don't bother buying some overpriced polish. All you need is some toothpaste and a bit of elbow grease. A few scrubs later, your silverware will shine like new.

2. Car lights 

Even your car lights require some attention every now and again. Simply apply some toothpaste to a wet sponge and rub off that grime!

3. Piano keys that have seen better days

When the keys on your piano start to turn yellow, give them a good wipe with toothpaste to restore that original white sheen.

4. Cleaning your shoes

White sneaker soles don't stay white very long. When you notice them getting a bit too dirty, wipe them down with some toothpaste and they'll look almost as good as new.

5. Foggy swimming goggles

If you clean your swimming goggles with some toothpaste on the inside, it creates a thin, transparent film that prevents them from fogging up when you're doing your laps in the pool.

6. Water stains

Is your dining room table covered with water stains and nasty rings. Just rub some toothpaste on them and they'll vanish.

7. Ink stains on your clothes

No problem! Simply apply some toothpaste, let it dry and wash the next day. It's like it never happened!

8. Mosquito bites

Summer is coming and for some of us that means dealing with the annoying itch of mosquito bites. When those pesky critters attack, you can relieve the discomfort and reduce the swelling by dabbing on some toothpaste.

9. Pimples

Having some trouble with acne? Just rub some toothpaste on those pimples before you go to bed and they'll be as good as gone in the morning.

10. Lime scale

Irons, faucets and other shiny metal surfaces can suffer from lime scale buildup. To get rid of it, simply put some toothpaste on a cloth and rub them until they're shiny again.

11. Dirty phone screen

Is your smartphone screen scratched and dirty? Rubbing on some toothpaste will clean it up and hide the scratches.

12. Ballet shoes

Here's a tip for all you ballerinas out there. When your shoes get scuffed and dirty, wipe them clean with some toothpaste. Now you're ready for opening night!

13. Rug stains

Stains on your rug are a thing of the past. Rub in that toothpaste and watch those stains disappear!

14. Nail polish

Sometimes all the nail polish remover in the world isn't enough to tackle dark colors. Try this toothpaste treatment on the stains left behind and reap the added benefit of minty fresh fingertips!

15. Stinky thermos

You know the deal: it smells like the bog of eternal stench in your thermos or water bottle. Simply fill it with some lukewarm water, squirt in some toothpaste, screw the lid closed and shake. Your thermos will smell fresh again and it'll be disinfected, too!

16. CDs

CDs that no longer work can be cleaned with toothpaste. Just dab on a bit, rub it in, and enjoy your music without any annoying skipping.

So the next time you're out buying cleaning products, think twice before you buy. Maybe the job can just as easily be done with toothpaste. Just be sure you have enough left to clean your teeth with before you use the last of it! 


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