Six practical tips to fight smelly trashcans

Even the most tidy trash cans will eventually start to stink and in the worst case scenario, they'll fill with nasty maggots. This is most common in trashcans that are emptied less than once a week. Leftovers are particular favorites of these wormy pests and summer temperatures can lead to a pretty unpleasant situation in the trashcan. Here are 6 tricks to make sure this doesn't happen to you (or at least lessen the chances)!

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1. Lid open

Even if you're afraid your kitchen or courtyard will start to smell like trash, it's important to leave the lid to your trash can or dumpster slightly ajar if you want to avoid maggots. They thrive in dark, moist, and warm environments.

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2. Close the trash bag

Single trash bags that you toss into larger containers should be sealed airtight. That is the best way to prevent a growing stench.

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3. Paper towels for fish/meat

Wrap any fish or meat scraps in paper towels or newspaper before tossing them. This will help prevent flies from landing on the meat and laying maggot eggs.

4. Lavender

If you are already dealing with an infestation, toss a little fresh lavender into the mix. Not only will it provide a lovely scent, your maggots will soon be dead—they can't stand lavender.


5. Old newspaper

If you don't use trash bags, you should layer old newspaper in the bottom of the trashcan to prevent smelly trash sticking to the bottom of your can.

6. Periodic cleanings

Even the best trash bags rip, releasing liquid or bugs into your can. Therefore, be sure to wash your trashcan with water and vinegar or all-purpose cleaner after you empty it.


If you take note of these tips - your trashcan will still smell like trash (surprise, surprise), but you'll avoid an overwhelming stench or maggots galore.


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