19 Great Tricks For Desperate Parents!

Parenting: so rewarding, yet so frustrating. There's no parent who isn't on the lookout for ways to make it all easier, less messy, and yet just as fun for the little guys. Here's a collection of outstanding tricks to help make life with kids even better!

1. Art Corner

So your child can express all their creativity without painting the walls and grinding crayon stubs into the carpet: a large cardboard box!


2. Early Training For Chores

Make doing small tasks around the house fun: with a little tape, sweeping up the kitchen becomes a game…


3. Healthy Treats

Put a popsicle stick into mini yogurts, leave them in the freezer for the day, and by afternoon, the kids will have a yummy, healthy, frozen yogurt treat! Effortless…


4. Clean Pacifier

Keep a little tupperware container around with a spare pacifier so you always have a clean one with you. It's also a great way to store the one baby's using now, where it won’t get covered in handbag-dust.


5. Well-Inflated Balloons

Don't waste another breath blowing up balloons: inflate them easily and quickly with an old soap dispenser!


6. Baby Fun

Once baby starts crawling, you can put them in an inflatable pool on the floor. They stay safe — and as comfy as can be!


7. Tap Dancing

They won’t stop tap-dancing if you glue a couple of coins on the bottom of a pair of shoes: they love the noise, and we love that they're getting lots of exercise.


8. Doll's Hair

To untangle a doll's hair you just need 2 tbsp fabric softener. Once washed and rinsed, comb thoroughly and she'll look like new!


9. Noisy Toys

Toys with electronic speakers in them can get pretty annoying for the parents. One great compromise solution is to tape over the speakers, which leaves enough sound for the kids to enjoy but not enough to drive their parents nuts. Enjoy the quiet!


10. Eating In The Car

When you're feeding the kids on the road, try packing their meals into plastic shower caddy totes. They and the car will both stay cleaner.


11. Clean Toothbrushes

In the usual bathroom cup, toothbrushes can accumulate more dust and bacteria since they stay damp longer. But this way, they're not only just as accessible, they'll also be cleaner.


12. Respecting Toilet Paper

How to teach kids not to waste toilet paper? Put a sticker or poster up on the wall next to the toilet to show them how much to use.


13. Air Travel

The hardest thing about traveling with kids is distracting them on long flights. These window stickers are a fantastic trick to keep them busy!


14. Distinction In Clothing

If you have more than one child, here's a smart way to differentiate their clothing. Put one, two, three or more marks according to their birth order.


15. More Creativity

When you finish off a pizza, don't throw out the carton! It's just another improvised canvas for the little ones.


16. Dangerous Plugs

To prevent kids from plugging in off-limits electronic devices, put a padlock as in the photo. Such a good idea!


17. Right & Left

To teach toddlers the difference between right and left, put stickers in their shoes!


18. Regulating Soap

If your kiddo uses all the soap in the dispenser in one go, you can put a rubber band around the bottle neck: now, every time they press, only a wee bit will come out.


19. No Lost cups

To stop having to put every cup in the house in the dishwasher, every day, try putting a magnet on your child's favorite cup and sticking it on the fridge. That way, it won't get lost and they'll know which one is theirs! 


These tricks keep kids safe and happy. Enjoy and pass on your favorites!





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