15 Neat Inventions You've Probably Never Seen Before

Our lives are full of inventions that were once fresh innovations, but have since become commonplace as they've spread around the world. However, there are also inventions that could be considered just as useful yet hardly anyone knows about them.

In the following list, we've put together 15 such examples. Useful hidden gem or rightly overlooked? We'll let you decide!

1. A microwave with integrated toaster.


2. An inflatable cover that protects your car from hail, bird droppings, dust and anything else you can think of.


3. The order of the numbers on this keypad is changed after every use, meaning credit card fraudster aren't able to find out your PIN from your finger movements.


4. Drinks cans with resealable tops.


5. A great way to mask any annoying sounds from other rooms.


6. A hair clip that can be used as a wrench, ruler, cutting aid and shopping cart chip.


7. A public toilet with a second smaller seat.


8. This stylish chair is part of a bookshelf, so you can take a seat in your own private library.

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9. Senior citizens can hold their ID card up to this traffic light so that they can be given more time to cross the road.


10. These Ocean Teabags come in various forms of sea life, such as octopuses, dolphins, lobsters and jellyfish. The tea bags also gently move in the cup, so that it looks like they are swimming.


11. This display in a public toilet in Taipei shows whether the cubicle is free (green light) or in use (red light).

An orange light means the cubicle cannot be used due to repairs, while a blue light indicates staff need to inspect the cubicle.


12. This pen shows how many pages you can write with the remaining ink.


13. An Australian mom invented these covers for seat belts. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, the covers provide useful information for the rescue services.

In this example, the cover shows that the passenger is deaf and uses a hearing aid.

If someone with autism or Alzheimer's is involved in an accident, the cover will prepare the rescuer for any possible resistance. The information provided by the cover can be useful for diabetics, too.

14. This bookmark even shows you where you stopped reading on the page.


15. This mouse with integrated calculator is particularly useful for people who use spreadsheet programs such as Excel.

You can even send your calculations to your PC.


Did any of the contraptions above impress you? There are of course many more inventions out there that perhaps don't get the airtime they deserve. Let us know if you have any more!


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