3 unknown uses for newspaper

As the saying goes, there's nothing older than yesterday's news. However, yesterday's newspaper can still be put to good use, as the three following ideas prove...

1. Coaster

  1. Cut a sheet of newspaper into eight strips and roll each one up at an angle on a skewer.
  2. Now roll one of these strips into a spiral with the help of the skewer.
  3. Glue the other strips onto the spiral and roll them up until the newspaper spiral is large enough to be used as a coaster.

2. Neutralizing odors in Tupperware containers

To get rid of bad odors, simply keep a scrunched-up piece of newspaper inside the Tupperware for 24 hours. If there are scratches in the plastic, moisture from food can collect in them and produce these unpleasant smells. The newspaper absorbs the moisture and neutralizes any odors. This trick also works on shoes!

3. Nail design

  1. You can even use newspaper to create some unusual nail designs. First, dip your freshly-painted nails in some vodka. Next, press the newspaper onto your nails, being careful not to smudge the nail paint.
  2. Remove the paper and use colorless nail polish on top of the design.

While printed newspapers are increasingly being phased out in favor of online versions, these tips may have you taking a trip back to newsstand soon!


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