10 Uses Of Everyday Objects You May Not Know

We don't always give our full attention to many everyday objects, meaning we often overlook one or two details. There are also certain features or functions on these objects that we don't even know about, let alone use. That's why we've decided to take a closer look at the actual purpose of 10 everyday items...

1. Holes On A Vacuum Cleaner Handle

Some vacuum cleaners feature a mechanism on the handle that can be opened and closed. When this mechanism is open, the suction power is reduced. This is useful when you want to vacuum the curtains or if something has gotten caught in the brush or tube.

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2. Tabs On The Back Of Shoes

The tabs on the back of shoes and boots aren't just for decoration; they're actually intended for making it easier to put the shoes on, especially on those with a higher upper.

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3. Hole In Padlocks

Some padlocks have a small hole next to the keyhole. Of course, this small hole isn't a mechanism for opening the lock without a key. Instead, it's there to prevent the padlock from rusting as it stops moisture from accumulating inside. You can also use this small hole to pour a couple of drops of lubricant inside to prevent the mechanism from sticking.


4. Bumps On The Keyboard

An Apple keyboard has little bumps on the "F" and "J" keys, which allow people to type without having to look at the keyboard.

5. Stapler

Staples are usually bent inward. However, you can turn the small platform on the bottom of the stapler by 180° to bend the staples outward. This is useful if you only want to fasten sheets temporarily — the staples can be easily removed without needing a staple remover.


6. Covers On Microphones

The foam and fur covers on microphones slow down the airflow. This helps to fade so-called "explosive" consonants when someone talks into the microphone.

shutterstock/Matt Kay

7. Tabs Inside Bottle Caps

Most caps on plastic bottles containing carbonated drinks have a small tab (like the ones in the red bottle caps below). The tabs prevent any gases from escaping when the bottle is being shaken.

shutterstock/Chromatic Studio

8. A Cotton Pad With Two Sides

These types of cotton pads can be used in two ways. The embossed side is used for applying make-up while the smooth side is intended for removing make-up and cleaning the face.

shutterstock/Alex Kolokythas Photography

9. Hole In Spaghetti Ladle

The hole in a spaghetti ladle is just not there for draining the water more quickly; you can also use this hole to measure out a portion of spaghetti.


10. Adjusting The Window Modes

If the handle on the window is difficult to open and close, the window sticks when trying to open it or there's a unwanted draft, you probably need to adjust how the window sits in its frame. You can do so by using the screws located inside the window casement.

If you tighten these screws, the window will sit more closely to the frame when closed. When loosened, the screws will leave more room between the closed window and the frame.


Though we're in daily contact with these objects, it's sometimes surprising how little we actually know about them. Thanks to the secrets revealed in this list, at least we're now more familiar with their actual uses. Pass on this knowledge!




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