4 Upcycling Ideas For Transforming Old Stuff Into Christmas Decorations


"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How lovely are thy branches!" For many, it's a time-honored tradition to buy a tree and decorate it for Christmas.

Yet if you're not particularly impressed by the decorations sold at stores or simply want to enjoy a fun activity with your loved ones over the holiday season, you're in luck — we've put together a superb selection of DIY Christmas tree decoration hacks.

The following nifty tricks will show you how to transform old junk into stunning festive decorations. Let's get started...

1. Festive Disco Balls

You'll need:

  • a glass Christmas tree bauble
  • a blank CD
  • craft glue

Here's how:

Here's a simple one. First, cut the blank CD into small pieces and then attach them onto a glass bauble using craft glue. Funky!

2. Christmas Baubles

You'll need:

  • a bulb
  • pipe cleaners
  • glass paint
  • craft and hot glue
  • glitter

Here's how:

2.1 Depending on which character you want to make, paint the bulb either green, brown or white.

2.2 Use pipe cleaners and glitter to decorate the bulbs. Also attach a looped pipe cleaner to the bottom of the bulb so that you can hang it on the tree.

For the reindeer, you can use pipe cleaners to make a red nose and antlers. Don't forget the eyes!

For the snowman, you'll need a small piece of orange pipe cleaner to create the nose. Five small cardboard discs then make up the snowman's eyes and buttons.

The snowman's hat is simply a small cardboard cylinder. Use some ribbon to make his scarf.

3. LED Snowman

You'll need:

  • an LED candle
  • black craft paper
  • red ribbon
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue stick

Here's how:

3.1 Cut out 7 small discs from the black craft paper. Attach the discs to the candle to create the eyes and mouth on the candle.

3.2 Next, cut a cylinder from the craft paper and decorate it with a piece of ribbon. Stick the hat to the candle.

3.3 Use another small piece of ribbon to make the snowman's scarf. The scarf can be attached to the back of the LED candle using another small piece of ribbon.

3.4 To finish, create another loop using a pipe cleaner so that your snowman with the shiny nose can be hung on the tree.

4. Christmas Star

You'll need:

  • 6 wooden clothespins
  • ribbon
  • felt
  • hot glue

Here's how:

4.1 Use hot glue to make a loop from the ribbon.

Separate each clothespin into two halves and glue them back together on their opposite sides. Glue the ribbon loop onto one of the clothespins.

4.2 Form a star with the clothespins and fill the center with hot glue.

4.3 To cover the round hole, stick a star-shaped piece of felt over it. Once the glue has dried, your star is ready to be hung up.

With such chic decorations, it'll almost be a shame to take the Christmas tree down! Happy holidays!


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