14 clever uses for leftover coffee grounds

Many people love coffee. First thing in the morning, when you're still half asleep, there is nothing better than the smell of a freshly-brewed, warm pot.  After enjoying the beverage, most of us simply throw away the leftover ground coffee in the filter, thinking there is nothing we can do with it. The truth is that this black gold is invaluable. All it needs is for you to spread it onto baking paper or on a flat plate and allow it to dry. Then, you're ready to start with these 14 tips for using coffee every day. 

1. Fertilizer

You can create really good fertilizer from coffee grounds. It is unbelievably rich in nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and will give your garden a real boost. 

YouTube/hans dressler

2. Cellulite cream

Most cellulite remedies that are palmed off at high costs by the cosmetic industry contain high levels of caffeine. Instead of buying an expensive cream, you can use some oil and coffee to create an alternative that is much cheaper and just as effective.

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3. Compost

Worms love coffee grounds, and whoever puts their leftover coffee grounds in their compost can expect many of them. The worms will colonise in droves, leading to a much higher compost production.


4. Snail repellent

Snails hate coffee. If you want to protect your beets, simply spread some coffee over the soil and you can be certain — those snails won't come visiting anymore. 


5. Ant repellent

The smell of coffee is so strong that their tracks get blurred and the ants cannot find their way through to your beets to wreak havoc. It doesn't get any better. 


6. Wasp repellent

Wasps also have a sniffly reaction to the smell of coffee. It doesn't work just to lay the powder somewhere. You need to place it in a firesafe jar and light it with a match. People won't notice the condensation, nor is it damaging to our health. But it is guaranteed to dispel even the most stubborn of wasps in seconds. 


7. Cat fright

For those annoyed by stray cats, you just need to distribute some coffee here and there in your yard. Like an invisible barrier, the cats will be kept at bay. 


8. Soap

Not only does coffee have a firming effect on the skin, the finely-ground powder also simultaneously has exfoliating properties. 1 soap, 2 benefits: it doesn't get any better than this! 

YouTube/ Olivia Earhart

9. Fridge freshner

Whoever stores food with a strong smell in their fridge knows: The fridge reeks, even when it's been cleaned. A cup of coffee grounds is perfect to neutralize the odors and make the contents of the fridge even more appetizing. 

YouTube/Yvonne Rummrich

10. Cleaning pots and surfaces

Coffee is also suitable for cleaning. The small grains function like a detergent for cleaning pots and pans and scrubbing surfaces — and all without the use of chemicals. AND you save money on extra cleaning products. 

YouTube/Bayerischer Rundfunk

11. Glossy hair

Your hair will be grateful for the energising, nutrient-rich wash if you mix a little coffee with your shampoo. The result, glossy, radiant hair. A word of caution: This only works for dark hair-types. 

YouTube/ Kanal von Neiideiin

12. Combats the bags under your eyes

Coffee doesn't only wake you up, it also helps combat those bags under your eyes. A mixture of coffee grounds and a little olive oil, and you can restore the life in your skin. Owners of coffee-pad machines have an advantage here because the used coffee-pads are a perfect fit for the natural eye-shape. 

flickr/ Augie Schwer

13. Grill rust

After a barbecue, the rust smells burned, it sticks and nobody wants to clean it. This, however, can be quick and easy: Put some coffee grounds on a sponge and rub the grill with it. Then finally rinse it off with warm water. The barbecue will shine like new!


14. Works against fleas

If your pet is infested, coffee can be the savior! Use the moist coffee grounds and massage it into the dog's fur and skin. It will naturally relieve your best friend of its fleas and, as an added bonus, will leave it smelling nice. ;-) Perfect.


It's unbelievable what you can do with this bi-product from breakfast.

Share these brilliant tricks and give coffee lovers even more reasons to enjoy that one extra cup every day.


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