14 uses for duct tape that extend beyond patching things together

Duct tape is just the thing when you need to stick something together in an emergency, but it has plenty of other uses that you might not be familiar with, so let's get started:

1. Opening a jar easily

Use duct tape to easily open a tightly closed jar. Here's an instruction video in English:

2. Safer shoes

Stick a piece of duct tape to the soles of your shoes, it'll increase their grip. 


3. Sleigh

You can even make a cute sled for your kids with some cardboard boxes and duct tape!


4. Warts

It might seem incredible, but you can use duct tape to remove warts. Cover your wart with duct tape and leave it on for six days. On the seventh day, take off the tape and use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin. If there are remnants of the wart left, put some more duct tape on for another six days. Amazing, right?


5. Your own dressmaker's dummy

If you ever wanted a dressmaker's dummy to match your size exactly, here's a great way to make one. It'll be like having your own private tailor and you can make whatever changes you like.


6. Broken bone

If you need an emergency sling or support for a broken bone, duct tape is your friend, as this next picture shows.


7. Emergency stretcher

Or if you need to transport someone in an emergency, you can create an improvised stretcher.


8. Flat tyre

If you get a flat tyre, put some duct tape over the puncture and the surrounding area until you reach the garage.


9. Spare key

With a little duct tape you can create the perfect hiding place for your spare car key.


10. Catching insects

When I saw this photo, I had no idea what it was, but it turns out it's a great way to catch flies and mosquitoes. You can try it in your yard or garage.

11. Clothes line

Make a temporary clothes line with a bit of duct tape. 


12. Sealing wounds

If you have a wound, place several strips of tape over the area until you can get professional help. 


13. Blisters

Cover your blisters with duct tape as way of coping with those new shoes that are killing your feet.


14. Being distinctive

Mark your suitcase with a bit of duct tape so you can tell it apart from all the others on the luggage carousel at the airport.


Wow! You can use it for everything from treating warts to catching mosquitoes. I never would have thought of these. Now you'll make sure you never run out of this stuff!


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