Freeze food without any air — say goodbye to freezer burn!

More often than not we end up cooking a bit more than we need and end up with leftovers. In this age of freezers, however, that's no problem. Tonight's dinner will taste great in three months' time. But sometimes that once delicious-looking steak comes out of the freezer dark and freezer burned. Here's a way to nip freezer burn in the bud.

Freezer burn doesn't spoil food, but it does change its flavor and consistency. It mostly happens when packaging isn't airtight. If you want to protect your food, get your hands on a large container filled with water (it doesn't have to be as large as the one shown in the photo below). Place the food items you want to freeze in individual freezer-safe bags and close them leaving about a 1-inch opening.


Slowly lower each bag into the water one by one. The water pressure should press the air out of the bags. Make sure you keep track of the opening so it doesn't fill with water.


Finally, seal up the final inch. Remember to dry the outside of the bag before placing it in the freezer.


A vaccum seal machine doesn't work any better than this method, and you're not wasting all that kitchen space!


You can watch how it's done in this video...

And you were thinking you needed to buy an expensive vacuum machine. Why not just turn on the faucet instead? Your frozen food will stay appetizing for a lot longer!




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