17 surprising and super-useful applications for Vaseline

Vaseline: the ultimate hydrator and lubricator. But it has many more uses than you'd imagine. Did you know you can use it on your hair and teeth, for instance? Read on for more fantastic, if surprising, tips…


1. Blackheads

Vaseline is actually great at getting rid of blackheads on your face: just apply the smeary stuff on the blackhead, place a piece of plastic film over it, and apply a hot damp cloth for five minutes. 

Then remove the cloth and film and wipe the blemishes away with a tissue! If you repeat the procedure once a week, blackheads will be history within a month.


2. Long, strong lashes

If you've always wanted long, healthy eyelashes, Vaseline can also help. With a clean eyelash brush, apply a little of the lubricant. Leave it overnight and repeat as many times as you like. Each application will strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes!


3. Aging paint

If you want to give a certain piece of furniture a cozy, aged look, apply a coat of Vaseline on scattered areas of the wood. Then paint the item and when the paint is dry, wipe down the places with Vaseline with a damp cloth. The paint will come off, revealing the wood below.


It gives furniture a charming, authentic appeal!


4. Shoe stains

For a stain on patent leather shoes, apply a little Vaseline with a cotton swab and the blotch will be gone.


5. Dry lips

Many of us get extra-dry lips, especially when it's cold outside. Vaseline is one of the best lip scrubs in the world: all you need is a teaspoon mixed with a teaspoon of honey, one of brown sugar.

Stir well and store in a sealed container, massaging it into your lips for a minute or two whenever you need it. Then rinse off and enjoy having such a soft kisser!


6. Homemade lip gloss

 Combine a little vaseline with a make-up base in the color you like and you’ll have home-made lip gloss. 


7. Beautiful hair

This one might really surprise you: take a dime-sized lump of vaseline and smear it on your brush or across your fingers. Now brush or rub it into the ends of your hair to prevent split-ends and excess dryness! It will give your hair a healthy shine and moisture.


8. Durable perfume

If you like to leave the house with a little spray of perfume on your wrist or neck, but the scent doesn’t last throughout the day, dab Vaseline over the area to retain the fragrance longer. What a good trick!


9. Make-up stains on fabric

Apply a little Vaseline to a damp cloth and use it to remove makeup stains from your clothing or sheets.


10. Nails

Vaseline is excellent for hydrating cuticles. Next time you're doing a little nail-care, before you paint or clip your nails apply a little of our favorite grease. Leave it for awhile before continuing. Your cuticles will thank you!

11. Foot care

For calluses or hard skin on your feet, rub Vaseline into your feet before bed. Then wear socks while you sleep and the next day your feet will be so soft you’ll want to go out barefoot.


12. Fixing make-up

If you've ever dropped a make-up compact and seen the contents break into a bunch of useless pieces, here's how to fix it: add a little Vaseline and mix it together again. You'll have your make-up back, same color as before, just pleasantly moisturizing!

13. Eye make-up remover

If you find yourself in the bathroom late at night, eyelids covered with color, eyelashes with mascara, and — oh no! — an empty tube of make-up remover, Vaseline will come to the rescue. Spread it on a cotton swab, apply it to your eyes, and then wipe it off very gently. It's good for your skin and totally effective.


14. After-shave

Dabbing a little Vaseline on your skin after shaving will prevent ingrown hairs and of course soften the skin at the same time.


15. Body lotion

To help a really good body lotion last longer, add some Vaseline. That way it will increase in volume without losing any of its valuable properties. 


16. Body scrub

Mix sea salt with Vaseline and you’ll have a very effective body scrub!


17. Lipstick-free teeth

Before applying lipstick, smear a tiny bit of Vaseline onto your front teeth and they won't get any color on them from your lips! Perfect before a fun night out (even if not as useful for going to dinner)...


Vaseline really is a panacea. You won't regret keeping a jar of it in your cabinet! Try some of these tips and pass on the ones you like best.


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